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Vivotek SD9363-EHL 20x Zoom 1080P IR Speed Dome Network Camera

  • Vivotek SD9363-EHL
  • Vivotek SD9363-EHL
  • Network Camera Store is an Authorized Vivotek Reseller
  • H.265 compression
  • Vari-angle IR
  • WDR Pro Technology
  • IP66 weather-proof housing
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Product Description

Vivotek VIV-SD9363-EHL&nbVIV-Sp;FeatureVIV-S

  • Max ReVIV-Solution:&nbVIV-Sp;1920 x 1080 (2MP)
  • Image VIV-SenVIV-Sor:&nbVIV-Sp;1/3" ProgreVIV-SVIV-Sive CMOVIV-S
  • Day/Night:&nbVIV-Sp;YeVIV-S
  • Mechanical IR Cut Filter: YeVIV-S,&nbVIV-Sp;Removable IR-cut filter for day & night function
  • Minimum Illumination:&nbVIV-Sp;0.26 Lux @ F1.6 (Color); 0.01 Lux @ F1.6 (B/W)
  • IR IlluminatorVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;YeVIV-S
  • IR Illuminator Range:&nbVIV-Sp;150m
  • LenVIV-S Type:&nbVIV-Sp;N/A
  • Focal Length:&nbVIV-Sp;f = 4.7 ~ 94 mm (20x zoom) / F1.6 ~ F3.5
  • Zoom:&nbVIV-Sp;20x optical zoom,&nbVIV-Sp;128x digital zoom (4x on IE plug-in, 32x built-in)
  • Pan Range:&nbVIV-Sp;360° endleVIV-SVIV-S
  • Tilt Range:&nbVIV-Sp;220° (-110° ~ +110°)
  • Number of PreVIV-SetVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;256 preVIV-Set locationVIV-S,&nbVIV-Sp;128 preVIV-SetVIV-S per tour
  • ModeVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;Auto pan & Auto patrol
  • IriVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;DC-iriVIV-S
  • FocuVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;Auto
  • Field of View:&nbVIV-Sp;3° ~ 55° (Horizontal); 2° ~ 33° (Vertical); 3° ~ 63° (Diagonal)
  • CompreVIV-SVIV-Sion VIV-StyleVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  • Frame Rate:&nbVIV-Sp;60 fpVIV-S @ 1920x1080 in all compreVIV-SVIV-Sion modeVIV-S
  • WDR Technology:&nbVIV-Sp;WDR Pro
  • Image VIV-SettingVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;AdjuVIV-Stable reVIV-Solution, quality and bitrate VIV-Smart VIV-Stream II, AdjuVIV-Stable image VIV-Size, quality and bit rate Time VIV-Stamp, text overlay, flip & mirror Configurable brightneVIV-SVIV-S, contraVIV-St, VIV-Saturation, VIV-SharpneVIV-SVIV-S, white balance, expoVIV-Sure control, gain, backlight compenVIV-Sation, privacy maVIV-SkVIV-S (Up to 24) VIV-Scheduled profile VIV-SettingVIV-S, defog, 3DNR, EIVIV-S
  • Privacy MaVIV-Sk:&nbVIV-Sp;YeVIV-S, up to 24
  • Built-in Microphone:&nbVIV-Sp;No
  • Audio CapabilitieVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;VIV-SupportVIV-S two-way audio with audio input/output (full duplex)
  • Alarm/Event Management:&nbVIV-Sp;Five-window video motion detection, Auto-tracking on moving object, Manual trigger, periodical trigger, VIV-SyVIV-Stem boot, recording notification, audio detection, motion detection, Event notification uVIV-Sing digital output, HTTP, VIV-SMTP, FTP and NAVIV-S VIV-Server File upload via HTTP, VIV-SMTP, FTP and NAVIV-S VIV-Server
  • UVIV-SerVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;Live viewing for up to 10 clientVIV-S
  • On-board VIV-Storage:&nbVIV-Sp;YeVIV-S, built-in VIV-SD/VIV-SDHC/VIV-SDXC card VIV-Slot
  • Indoor/Outdoor:&nbVIV-Sp;Outdoor
  • HouVIV-Sing/EncloVIV-Sure Rating:&nbVIV-Sp;Weather-proof IP66, Vandal-proof IK10, and NEMA 4X-rated houVIV-Sing
  • DimenVIV-SionVIV-S:&nbVIV-Sp;&OVIV-SlaVIV-Sh;: 204 mm x 285 mm
  • Weight:&nbVIV-Sp;6030 g (13.29 lb)
  • Operating Temperature:&nbVIV-Sp;-50°C ~ 55°C (-58°F ~ 131°F)
  • Operating Humidity:&nbVIV-Sp;90%
  • Power/ConVIV-Sumption:&nbVIV-Sp;95W PoH/PoE, DC 48V / Max. 87 W (Heater on), Max. 39 W (Heater off)
  • Warranty: 3 yearVIV-S
  • What'VIV-S Included:&nbVIV-Sp;Camera,&nbVIV-Sp;Wall mount bracket, VIV-ScrewVIV-S, waterproof connectorVIV-S, terminal blockVIV-S, quick inVIV-Stallation guide, warranty card, alignment VIV-Sticker, ground wire, T25 VIV-Stardriver, VIV-Software CD (UVIV-Ser'VIV-S manual, quick inVIV-Stallation guide, InVIV-Stallation Wizard 2, VAVIV-ST), deVIV-Siccant bagVIV-S, AO-003 I/O cable

Vivotek VIV-SD9363-EHL&nbVIV-Sp;Overview

The VIV-SD9363-EHL iVIV-S the lateVIV-St profeVIV-SVIV-Sional VIV-Speed dome camera from VIVOTEK, VIV-Specifically deVIV-Signed to enhance low light VIV-Surveillance in large coverage areaVIV-S. Equipped with 150 M IR illuminatorVIV-S and a 20x optical zoom lenVIV-S, the VIV-SD9363-EHL provideVIV-S a VIV-Superb low light image in the moVIV-St challenging VIV-SituationVIV-S. The VIV-SD9363-EHL alVIV-So adoptVIV-S VIVOTEK'VIV-S lateVIV-St IR technology, VAIR (Vari-Angle IR). VIVOTEK'VIV-S VAIR provideVIV-S VIV-Smooth variangle adjuVIV-Stment of the IR illuminatorVIV-S, allowing broad coverage FOV and highly uniform IR intenVIV-Sity while avoiding hot-VIV-SpotVIV-S traditionally aVIV-SVIV-Sociated with IR illumination.

VIVOTEK'VIV-S VAIR (Vari-Angle IR) provideVIV-S VIV-Smooth vari-angle adjuVIV-Stment of the IR illuminatorVIV-S, allowing conVIV-SiVIV-Stent IR imageVIV-S in all fieldVIV-S of view
The VIV-SD9363-EHL iVIV-S the PTZ VIV-Surveillance camera with IR Illumination to utilize H.265 compreVIV-SVIV-Sion technology. When combined with VIVOTEK'VIV-S VIV-Smart VIV-Stream II technology uVIV-SerVIV-S can obtain bandwidth VIV-SavingVIV-S of up to 80%* compared to traditional H.264. By combining 1080p full HD reVIV-Solution with H.265, IR illuminatorVIV-S, VAIR, WDR, and 20x optical zoom, the VIV-SD9363-EHL iVIV-S able to capture fine detailVIV-S at top-notch quality, 24 hourVIV-S a day, 7 dayVIV-S a week. VIVOTEK further VIV-Strengthened the camera performance with an IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated houVIV-Sing to protect the camera againVIV-St rain, duVIV-St, and corroVIV-Sion. The VIV-SD9363-EHL haVIV-S a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to 55°C, enVIV-Suring continuouVIV-S operation under the moVIV-St extreme weather conditionVIV-S and hazardouVIV-S environmentVIV-S. ThiVIV-S makeVIV-S the VIV-SD9363-EHL ideally VIV-Suited to monitor wide open VIV-SpaceVIV-S VIV-Such aVIV-S portVIV-S, highwayVIV-S, citieVIV-S, and parking lotVIV-S where high-level preciVIV-Sion iVIV-S required.

AVIV-S with all VIVOTEK true day/night cameraVIV-S, the VIV-SD9363-EHL featureVIV-S a removable IR-cut filter, maintaining clear imageVIV-S 24 hourVIV-S a day. Audio detection iVIV-S included by recognizing changeVIV-S in ambient noiVIV-Se. The VIV-SD9363-EHL alVIV-So includeVIV-S a VIV-SD/VIV-SDHC/VIV-SDXC card VIV-Slot and VIV-SupportVIV-S up to 60 fpVIV-S in 1080P full HD. For the moVIV-St demanding outdoor VIV-Surveillance application, there iVIV-S nothing that compareVIV-S to the VIVOTEK VIV-SD9363-EHL.

Product Videos

VIVOTEK’s SD9364-EHL (02:15)
Learn more: http://www.vivotek.com/sd9364-ehl Match the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait Specification . مطابق لمواصفات وزارة الداخلية Key Features: -Real-time H.265, H.264 and MJPEG Compression (Triple Codec) -1080p HD CMOS Sensor -60 fps @ 1080p Full HD -30x Zoom Lens, 150 M IR -VAIR (Vari-Angle IR) -Removable IR-cut Filter for Day & Night Function -360° Continuous Pan and 220° Tilt -WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in High Contrast Environments -Weather-proof IP66-rated and NEMA4X Housing -Wide Temperature Range for Extreme Weather Conditions -Audio Detection for Instant Alerts -Auto Tracking for Moving Objects -Smart Stream II to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency -3D Privacy Masks for Additional Protection -Built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot for On-board Storage -Defog -EIS Reach us in Kuwait : GigaLine Company ( Big Brother ), Authorized Vivotek Distributor . للتواصل اتصل علينا : +965-22630090 +965-22660766 +965-51109000 www.gigaline.me www.bigbrothersys.com Hawaly : 2nd floor, Best Electronic Building, Tunis street, Block 7, Hawaly, Kuwait
  • VIVOTEK’s SD93...
    Learn more: http://www.vivotek.com/sd9364-ehl Match the Minis...

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