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Network Cameras

Network cameras, also often referred to as IP cameras, have taken over the security industry in recent years. Generally, network cameras offer higher resolutions and more efficient compression technology than analog cameras. Network cameras are easily accessible and controlled remotely by a computer or smartphone. It is often easier to mix brands when using network cameras than analog cameras as many network cameras follow the same standards. A network camera does a lot of the analytics and video preparation itself whereas an analog camera heavily relies on a digital video recorder. More advances analytics such as facial recognition, people counting, or license plate recognition are done by network cameras. With the decrease in costs, network cameras should be the first choice for consumers shopping for a new security system.

Network security cameras still cost more than analog cameras, but, as an independent dealer of both technologies, we would still recommend going digital with network security cameras, as the flexibility and readiness for future developments makes the additional investment worthwhile.

Feel free to contact us should need help choosing the best network security camera for your project. We love this industry and are always excited to share the newest developments in the industry.