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Dome Security Camera

Dome security cameras have become one of the most popular camera shapes. The lens is behind a plastic dome, making the camera less obvious and it is often difficult to tell where the lens is pointed at. Due to the lens behind a plastic dome, dome security cameras provide excellent protection against reposition of the lens as well as vandalism. All these factors make dome security cameras popular in applications where surveillance needs to be more discreet such as retail stores, churches, and personal homes. Dome security cameras are most installed on ceilings. However, with the right accessory dome security cameras can also be installed on walls. With the right lens, dome security cameras offer a very wide angle of view. Many dome security cameras are IP66 or higher rated water resistant and IK10 vandal proof, making them ideal for outdoor applications and where vandalism is a concern.

A potential downside of dome security cameras is that the plastic cover can reflect sunlight in some instances, which could cause a blinding effect.

We are here to help if you are unsure that dome security cameras are the right cameras for your project. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.