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Bullet Security Camera

Bullet security cameras are one of the most popular camera shapes. Often used in industrial settings such as banks, airports and manufacturing plants and public areas such as stadiums, public spaces and government buildings, bullet security cameras are easy to spot, creating a deterring effect. Popular applications for bullet security cameras are license plate recognition (LPR), long-distance viewing and the monitoring of public places. The bullet shape allows the installation of long ranged lenses or vari-focal lenses, which can zoom in and out optically instead of digitally. Bullet security cameras are typically installed on walls but can also be installed on ceilings with the appropriate accessories. A downside of bullet security cameras is how easy it is to reposition the view of the camera since the shape allows easier manipulation.

In summary, a bullet security camera is best used in an environment where visual deterrence and the ability to view objects further away is important. Consider other security camera shapes such as dome, turret or PTZ if vandalism and repositioning of the camera is a risk. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any help deciding what type of camera is best for your project. We are here to help!